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To get started, click on the icon that looks like this

When you select Book Space you will be taken through our Hire agreement.

This is a mandatory and standard procedure. So nothing to worry about.

After completing and submitting the Hire agreement the option to find some space will be available.  

Click the link to access the Church's booking calendar. You will be able to book for as long as you need, or for how long the space is available. Minimum Booking s are for 1 Hour.  

Welcome to Lugar Brae Spaces

So you wanted some space? That's totally ok,

we understand what you mean. We are happy to hear that you want some space, and even happier that you want some space from us!


At Lugar Brae Uniting Church, Space is a good thing. We have plenty of space to choose from. Please take all the time you need  in one of our spaces. 

  • Rate: $30 p/h 
    Capacity: 150 People

    Our Sanctuary is a spiritual haven, perfect for functions and performances. 

  • Rate: $20 p/h 
    Capacity: 30 People

    Our Fellowship Room is a spiritual haven, perfect for functions and meetings. 

  • Rate: $35 p/h 
    Capacity: 100-150 People

    Are you looking for a Hall for a reasonable price? Good, well we have something that might work for you. 

Need more Space? Send us an email!

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